Aadhar & Abortion: You Will Never Believe Your Privacy is Ending

Digital campaign with its strong emphasis on the digitization of public records has seen a companion in Aadhar. From basic amenities like getting ration, getting medical services or opening a bank account, Aadhar is being made as a mandatory requirement. There is a move to link Aadhar with the health data of an individual inContinue reading “Aadhar & Abortion: You Will Never Believe Your Privacy is Ending”

Medical Abortion: Nurses have a Say?

Have you heard the Beatles song “Help?” or  Do you remember that song? Ever thought it along the lines of people in need for abortion and nurses? “Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody, Help, you know  I need someone, help. When I was younger, so much younger than today I never needed anybody’sContinue reading “Medical Abortion: Nurses have a Say?”

Telemedicine and Abortion: India says Yes or No?

COVID-19 has brought all of us to a standstill. It is highly unlikely that we no longer take things for granted after witnessing first hand how interconnected all our lives are. What would otherwise have been a skip, hop and jump to the pharmacy near our house to get, say a basic Paracetamol tablet, hasContinue reading “Telemedicine and Abortion: India says Yes or No?”

Essentials: to be or not to be?

We all know how it went: first the Janta Curfew, then the 21 days national lockdown and, of course, the marathon run to any shop that was open and buy anything and everything that was available. If one shop did not have it all or did not have enough, we had the relay run toContinue reading “Essentials: to be or not to be?”

Young Women: Are Abortion Laws With Us?

When the news emerged on January 29, 2020, that the Union Cabinet approved the latest set of amendments to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 (MTP Act 1970), many hailed it as a progressive stand on abortion laws for these modern times, as the medical technologies have been far advancing and gender equity beenContinue reading “Young Women: Are Abortion Laws With Us?”

Is criminalisation a bad idea around abortion services?

Whenever there is any conversation around any new law there is a lot of focus on punitive aspects of laws that focus more on criminalisation . The US debates around abortion laws has brought back to focus on criminalisation debate. Even in India, the Indian Penal Code, still penalises women if she has induced miscarriages.Continue reading “Is criminalisation a bad idea around abortion services?”

Abortion: #MyBodyMyRights as long as you aren’t a pregnant woman

The Dangers of the Anti-Abortion Epidemic in the US When The President of the United States Donald Trump himself stated that “There has to be some form of punishment” for pregnant women who terminate their pregnancies it was clear where the legislative agenda was heading. With the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, who is a known pro-life anti-abortionistContinue reading “Abortion: #MyBodyMyRights as long as you aren’t a pregnant woman”

How much should government interfere regarding length of your pregnancy?

A spate of state abortion laws around length of pregnancy in the USA threaten the right to abortion held sacred since the landmark ruing in Roe v. Wade in 1973. Unsurprisingly, these moves come from some of the most conservative states of the country. 6-7 weeks of Pregnancy In 2019, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio sign separateContinue reading “How much should government interfere regarding length of your pregnancy?”

How did Kerala get Public Health right, when rest of the country seemed to have got it wrong?

The standard of health services in Kerala has reached an impressive level compared to the rest of the states in India. Kerala’s achievements in the health sector have been often cited as role models for the country. The State has a better health standard with low birth and death rate, high level of acceptance ofContinue reading “How did Kerala get Public Health right, when rest of the country seemed to have got it wrong?”

Can a minor girl get an abortion in India?

A lot of young children have been asking whether they can get access to sexual and reproductive health services. There were several schemes in the country which provides young adolescents with scope of getting information and services In the adolescent friendly healthy clinics in their city. Can a minor get abortion? Things that often getContinue reading “Can a minor girl get an abortion in India?”