Who are We?

Hidden Pockets Collective is an India based charity Trust, running projects in Karnataka, Bihar and Kerala. Hidden Pockets Collective believes in a Sexual and Reproductive Justice framework and approaches activism with this framework. The Collective is working on alternatives approaches that aim to achieve justice, not just legal in nature, but a comprehensive approach be it using technology, collaborative research, or awareness-raising.

Donations are tax-deductible under Section 80G allowable under the Indian law.

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Post Covid19 Era

In this post Covid19 era, one thing has become very clear to us, the current model of policies engagement and punitive laws is not working at all. We need to have an intersectional approach, We need to have a justice framework. This siloed approach to sexual and reproductive health is doing harm. We need to integrate climate change in our work, we need to talk about waste segregation, we need to talk economics, and we need to ensure that sexual and reproductive health is integrated in essential conversations.

And for that we need justice framework. The root cause, is inequality in resources, and for that we need to ensure resources are distributed, be it in finance, be it in technology, be it in information. People need more access to information to make decision for their life. They don’t want just laws, they need access to services which makes their rights tangible.

What are some of these alternatives?

In our collective, we have been developing an alternative approach, which basically focusses on strategies that are rooted in community. Strategies that strengthen the collective, and helps them create their modules and projects.

a) We are developing content and resource material in languages and format, which is best accessible for our communities. Be it it local languages ( like Hindi or Malayalam), be it it meme or small video format, which can be used by community to further educate and spread awareness in their community.

b) We develop workshops along with community, where we are trying to work on needs based assessment, especially in this post covid times. Be it online workshops, whastapp based conversations, small influencer based approach. We are also focussing on community radio and audio podcasts modes where we can work with community who can create their own content.

c) We are developing relief responses which are based on collective care approach. We are trying to strengthen smaller communities and collectives, who faced a lot of financial loss during covid and have lost their foundation. We are helping them financially and as well as capacity building.

d) We take the voices of our community to policy spaces at national level conversations and try to push for decriminalisation approach, where focus is more on access and resources. We are ensuring that punitive methods and responses to sexual and reproductive health should be banned.

e) From this year, we have started creating music videos and slowly trying to move into movie creation. We believe that it is important to reach the masses and mingle with the mainstream in the best possible ways.

We think our approach is unique and still rooted within community. It empowers community and gives an opportunity for them to create and learn as well.

Scope of our Work:

Who are We?

Executive Co-ordinator and Counsellor

Aisha Lovely George, a counsellor by training is the Executive Coordinator of Hidden Pockets Collective. An award winning podcaster, and a speaker on reproductive health on various panels nationally and internationally.  She is a trained Sexual and Reproductive Health educator and a counsellor.  She has 4 years of experience in interacting with and impacting around 400 young women face to face on Sexual and Reproductive Health. She has personally handled and counselled more than 3000 young women and couples on Hidden Pockets’ chat service and improved their traumatic experience of abortion and SRH services. She has personally travelled to 6 unsafe towns and cities across India and mapped around 100 clinics who are willing to work with us to provide safe and non-judgemental Sexual and Reproductive Health services. She is a fellow of The Unleash Lab, Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, and The Coaching Fellowship.

Founder, Co-ordinator of Knowledge Production 

Jasmine Lovely George is a Lawyer, a TEDx speaker,  is also founder of Hidden Pockets Collective, a non profit organization  for sexual and reproductive services for young people in India.  She is an award -winning researcher who has been part of movement building nationally and transnationally. Post Covid, she has interested in conversations around alternative ways to talk about gender, technology and justice.   She is on board of various NGOs in India. She is also activist advisor with Embark Collective fund.

Digital Media Manager and Activist

Athira Purushothaman is the Digital Media Manager of Hidden Pockets Collective. She has spoken on a variety of panels on sexual and reproductive health, both nationally and globally. She has written both in English and Malayalam about sexuality and menstrual health management. She is experienced in running campaigns in various languages such as Kannada, Hindi, English, and Malayalam. She is passionate about developing content in local languages and ensuring that non-English speakers have access to reliable information. She is a ‘Youth Ki Awaaz Action Network Fellow’ who has attended national and international seminars on menstrual health, hygiene, and abortion.

Community Outreach coordinator in Bihar

Lakhvindra Kumar has been a Gandhi fellow at Piramal foundation. His specialization is in the education field. He has worked on Aspriational District Transformation programme initiated by Niti Aayog in aspirational districts. Lakhvindra has closely worked with state government stakeholder in Sheikhpura district of Bihar on ADTP. He has worked with many district officers and has directly or indirectly impacted 45k plus student by increasing their (SLO) Student Learning Outcome. During the programme he has helped many teachers in  designing and conducting workshop. He believes in team spirit and wants to create and build a strong nation.
He has also worked with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) where he focussed on the development of youth.