Period ही normal topic लगने लगा

उत्तम- मेरे स्कूल में Project Khel (PK) ने अप्रैल, 2013 से अपना काम करना start किया | तब मैं 10 साल का था | संतोष- मैं जिस shelter home में रहता था, वहां पर PK ने मार्च, 2013 से काम करना start किया | तब मैं 11 साल का था | शुरुआत में तो हमContinue reading “Period ही normal topic लगने लगा”

Will you listen to a young person’s story?

“Hidden Pockets presents Pocketshala” When these words were played on the speakers our hearts were on the seventh cloud because our work of months and imagining of creating a support tool to talk about issues has finally come true. Talking to young people about things has always been a difficult task. The attention span ofContinue reading “Will you listen to a young person’s story?”

Inclusive Technologies: ‘Gender Sensitisation’ workshop with FSMK students in Mangalore

What classifies a person as a user of a technology? Does that classification include gender? Do designers of different technologies work on designs that take into consideration the requirements of users from different genders? Which gender do different apps or products and even technologies resonate with? Is there a predominant gender that is taken intoContinue reading “Inclusive Technologies: ‘Gender Sensitisation’ workshop with FSMK students in Mangalore”

BroC0de: Gender and Technology Workshop at HasGeek

Techies; the misfits, the geeks, the nerds, the un-wired ones are making the future right now or so it seems. Techies have the power to change the narratives and ensure that more people from different groups are represented in this conversations. In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) would be theContinue reading “BroC0de: Gender and Technology Workshop at HasGeek”

Code of Conduct talks to make technology spaces more inclusive for all

Uber in last few weeks have been trying to figure out different ways of handling and trying to improve the conditions in its workspace. In an attempt to improve its workspace atmosphere, it introduced a Holer’s report which tried establishing some of the Code of Conduct prinicples which a company can introduce to have moreContinue reading “Code of Conduct talks to make technology spaces more inclusive for all”

Sexuality Education Workshop in Kannada – Mysore

Our day began as early as 5:30 am on a Sunday when Charu picked us- Jasmine, Kiran and Aruna up. Jasmine had earlier insisted that we bring Kiran along since the presence of a man changes the way young boys listen and respond to a session, especially facilitated by women. I have learnt this toContinue reading “Sexuality Education Workshop in Kannada – Mysore”

Gender focussed Tech Solutions

Open Data Hack(ODH)Bangalore 2017 held on 14th & 15th of October, 2017 supported by RHoK India was part of the series of hackathons in India. Themes for Open Data Hack Bangalore 2017 were climate change, disaster warning systems and women health. Hidden Pockets Collective participated as one of the organisations which provided a problem statementContinue reading “Gender focussed Tech Solutions”

Does anyone ask for young people’s consent?

  Hidden Pockets Collective recently conducted a workshop on consent for young people with Project Khelin Uttar Pradesh. It was conducted for children above the age of 10 years old to 17 years in different schools. We asked the young people if they had ever talked about issue of consent with their friends, family andContinue reading “Does anyone ask for young people’s consent?”