Abortion in Mysore: Part 1

Sex, pregnancy, babies: taboo subjects? Absolutely not! Not if you are married. The Indian cultures and societies validate, sanction and many even celebrate these when you are married. But, what if you are not married? All it takes is the unmarried status to make these matters into – “mooh kala kardi”- shame, dishonour and guilt. Continue reading “Abortion in Mysore: Part 1”

Abortion in Shimoga: Part 1

*This article is a part of a series exploring the abortion services in 4 districts of Karnataka.  To read on Ballari, the first article in the series, please click here.  Shimoga is a place that might not ring a bell to many. But Jog Falls for sure is that buzz word which brings adventure kicksContinue reading “Abortion in Shimoga: Part 1”

Age of Marriage vis-à-vis Age of Motherhood in India

History of the legal age of marriage In India, marriage as an institution plays a major role in the development of an individual. Marriage is considered to be a sacred ceremony in some religions, and a spiritual contract in other religions. After independence, the Indian Constitution laid down in its preamble the core principle of secularism. AsContinue reading “Age of Marriage vis-à-vis Age of Motherhood in India”

Soar: Two-Child-Policy! Shrug: ICPD 1994…

On 7 February 2020, a bill on the Two-Child-Policy was introduced as a private member bill in the Rajya Sabha by the Member of Parliament Anil Desai. This is a Constitution (Amendment) Bill and seeks to bring amendments to article 47. The short title of the bill is ‘Duty of the State to promote smallContinue reading “Soar: Two-Child-Policy! Shrug: ICPD 1994…”

Population is Exploding? Punishment Works!

In the last few decades when movies ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’’, ‘Khatta Meetha’ and shows like ‘Hum Paanch’  played out in cinemas and TVs, the amused viewers lived through the ups and downs of the reel families in laughter, joy, tears and sighs. Maybe we must have pontificated a bit on the cost and stressContinue reading “Population is Exploding? Punishment Works!”

Condoms: Are they adolescent-friendly under Indian law?

A country’s laws regarding sex, sexual orientation, sexual consent, sexual and reproductive health, access to abortion services and access to different types of contraceptives can often become autonomy-snatchers in the name of protecting children and adolescents. Even though Indian law does not explicitly prescribe any minimum age for accessing or buying condoms, there are indirectContinue reading “Condoms: Are they adolescent-friendly under Indian law?”

Abortion in the Steel City Ballari: Part 1

Ballari is not a word that rings a bell for someone new to Karnataka. For the uninitiated, the word can even morph into Bel Air, when pronounced with a rolling tongue and playfulness! Ballari and Bel-Air, however, are two worlds apart. Karnataka, a state in south India, has its trump card districts like Bangalore andContinue reading “Abortion in the Steel City Ballari: Part 1”

Corona Archives: Hidden-Pockets Collective

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director General’s recent remarks on COVID-19 emphasized that “All countries must strike a fine balance between protecting health, minimizing economic and social disruption, and respecting human rights”. When health systems are overwhelmed, we need to make difficult decisions to balance the demands of responding directly to COVID-19, while simultaneously engagingContinue reading “Corona Archives: Hidden-Pockets Collective”

Period ही normal topic लगने लगा

उत्तम- मेरे स्कूल में Project Khel (PK) ने अप्रैल, 2013 से अपना काम करना start किया | तब मैं 10 साल का था | संतोष- मैं जिस shelter home में रहता था, वहां पर PK ने मार्च, 2013 से काम करना start किया | तब मैं 11 साल का था | शुरुआत में तो हमContinue reading “Period ही normal topic लगने लगा”

Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy

Playing with dolls is something most of us have done growing up. Child marriage was nowhere in our minds. We revelled in our games: to set up our own world of imagination and to have our dolls play the characters we want to. We name the dolls, we make them have doll marriages, have themContinue reading “Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy”