Is space available to sexual minorities for sexual expression on social media?

While social media and sexual expression is usually viewed from a popular perspective, Hidden Pockets and Point of View decided to look at the same from a different lens; from the eyes of communities usually considered to be sexual minorities. Hidden Pockets and Point of View jointly hosted a panel on Social Media and Sexual ExpressionContinue reading “Is space available to sexual minorities for sexual expression on social media?”

Public Health : Young People in the Conversation

Hidden Pockets Collective took part in Public Consultation held by Prayasand Human Right Law Network in Bhopal in 2017. This year the theme was around Legal interventions in Sexual and Reproductive Health. Are young people there in the National Health Policy 2017? In order to answer this question, it is important to understand the definitionContinue reading “Public Health : Young People in the Conversation”

Camera and Girls, Revert the gaze for a person living with HIV.

Hidden Pockets Collective conducted a workshop with young positive girls using cameras. It was really exciting to talk to the photographers who covered the event, from the idea of “reverting the gaze” to muses becoming the photographer. It was an interesting insight into the world of photography. Check out the podcast link below.    Continue reading “Camera and Girls, Revert the gaze for a person living with HIV.”

Events conducted in 2015

EVENTS CONDUCTED BY US: Informal: Young Feminist Meet ups : When young feminists come together and discuss anything under the sky. Pleasure Pickings:When people meet up and discuss their work in progress – be it artists, artivists, scholars.     Art: Gender Trouble Workshop:A workshop on performances and gender. Spoken Word Performance– Abortion:Continue reading “Events conducted in 2015”

Spoken Word – Abortion Rights

As part of the September 28th movement on access to services related to Abortion, Hidden Pockets performed it first ever spoken word performance on issue of Abortion. Hidden Pockets’ first ever #SpokenWordperformance at ‘100 Thousand poets for change’ event organised by Bring Back The Poets, Delhi with Oindrila, Jasmine and Pallavi. We shouted for #abortionrightsandContinue reading “Spoken Word – Abortion Rights”

Unleash Lab 2017, Denmark : SDGs

August 2017, Hidden Pockets got selected to be a part of Unleash Lab 2017 in Denmark. A nine days event where Unleash focused on 7 themes which are directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The themes were Food, Health, Water, Energy, Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Consumption and Production. So what wasContinue reading “Unleash Lab 2017, Denmark : SDGs”

What happens when a gynaecologist, a poet and a man walk into the room?

If you are unable to find the service, please do write to us. Write to us at Call us at +918861713567                 With four lovely performers and three speakers, Hidden Pockets and Krantikalli for #Sep28 campaign took this initiative to bring young people together and talk aboutContinue reading “What happens when a gynaecologist, a poet and a man walk into the room?”

Logical Indian and Gender Talk

Hidden Pockets Collective was invited to be part of talk on #gendersensitization with The Logical Indian and MASH Project in Bangalore. It was wonderful to be able to discuss Gender and its complexities with a group of young people working in different set ups. We discussed about how spaces around us are gendered and howContinue reading “Logical Indian and Gender Talk”

APCRSHR9: Asia Pacific coming together to discuss Sexual and Reproductive health?

Hidden Pockets Collective participated at 9th Asia Pacific Conference on  Reproductive and  Sexual Health Rights in Vietnam in 2017. The Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights  is a biennial gathering of civil society, young people, academia, government, media, private sector, and development partners from the region concerned about sexual and reproductiveContinue reading “APCRSHR9: Asia Pacific coming together to discuss Sexual and Reproductive health?”