50 years of Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act: Safe Abortion for Netflix generation webinar

Do our abortion laws reflect the realities of the Netflix generation? 

Science has advanced, people are reaching on Mars, people getting their knowledge out of phones, and Netflix is taking over our sex education, so why do our abortion laws still not acknowledge the young person and teenagers realities? 

In India, after 50 years of law around abortion, it still does not reflect the realities of Indian women, and one community it completely ignores or we would say leave behind is the teenagers. Does your country also leave teenagers behind? 

We at Hidden Pockets Collective, have been noticing the rise in child marriages post covid, have been working with adolescents on accessing sex education in the most creative way possible, and yet nobody talks about safe abortion to teenagers. 

Why not? 

This is the question we want us to answer collectively? Why are we leaving them behind? 

If we can put the burden of starting a family on the young ones, why can’t we give them the choice of not starting a family? 

We are invited speakers from the global south, to come and share their experiences, and their learnings from mistakes, their awakenings and actually talk about shall we prepare a world, which reflects our Netflix generation, and their needs. 

We hosted a webinar on the 23rd of September. Watch the recorded webinar below.



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