Menstrual Hygiene Education Workshop

Hygiene care Activity By Educating and Distributing Sanitary Pads to the Economically backward women in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Nagarika Samithi Along with Sponsors Child Help Foundation and Donors Hidden Pockets Collective Educated and Distributed Sanitary Pads to needy women .

Hidden Pockets Collective team Members Jasmine , Athira, took the lead Role in Educating women on Hygiene care and Distributed Sanitary Pads along with Manu.

Gaurav was on the heels with Photography for the programme session.

Bengaluru Nagarika Samithi Founder Pradeep Mendonca and members Selvi , Usha Nandini and Anuradha actively participated in the distribution of sanitary pads to the needy women.
Usha Bandini also joined in translating in the language understood by needy women educating on Hygiene care .

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