Doodle Pockets




About the artist:

Purvai Aranya is a 20 year old undergraduate at Ashoka University. She is studying English and Philosophy. When she isn’t writing or drawing on any available surface, you will find her worrying or talking to the moon. She wants to continue reading, exploring and learning as she grows older, She has recenty fallen in love with cities, and wants to fight fiercely to make space for herself in the world. She puts up poetry, pictures, and paraphernalia at



Author Profile:

Rehna Abdul Kareem is a journalist by day. By afternoons and evenings, her alter ego, the doodler makes puns and situation doodles at Paper Planes. She is a Malayalee, gulf-returnee with an unhealthy addiction for tea. She loves elephants and thinks they’re awesome. She is an ambivert and in her spare time, she fantasises about meeting baby elephants and orang-utans.


Kshiraja is a queer feminist illustrator and comic artist based out of Bangalore. You can follow her work