In an imaginary world, every menstruators dream of pausing their periods at least once. But, menstruation doesn’t stop for anyone. It continues its visits every month even during the lockdown!

Hidden-Pockets Collective launched a month-long campaign on May/2020 to create awareness about Menstrual Health Management (MHM) during a crisis.
It is an unnoticed global trend that women’s health concerns, especially sexual and reproductive health, and rights, are being left behind during the time of a crisis. Let it be a flood, pandemic outbreak, or even a nationwide lockdown, often the burden lands chiefly on women, doing double, triple, quadruple duty to care for children, parents, and other loved ones. It’s a global phenomenon that needs to be addressed and changed. Through the #BleedingPaused Campaign, Hidden-Pockets aims to break the widespread myths, misconceptions, and taboo around Menstruation.

Campaign Partners:

  1. Rangeen Khidki Foundation, Calcutta
  2. Mission Sanscar, Mumbai
  3. Project Khel
  4. Red is the New Green
Here are some of the contents we created for the campaign:



We have noticed that there is an increase in menstrual health-related queries on our website and careline during these times as stress and anxiety can affect a person’s menstrual cycle.

During the lockdown, we heard the word essential repeatedly. What are the essentials? How do you decide on the essentials? A research piece from Hidden-Pockets Collective!


Instagram live:

  • Future free of sexual shame with MensusWithManasa
  • Menstrual health & hygiene during the lockdown with Mission Sanscar
  • Role of sexual and reproductive health counselor during the lockdown, How are Hidden Pockets helping the young people of our country? with Indian Women Blog
  • Women’s Health, Nutrition, and PCOS with Aarathi Shanmugam (Nutrition coach at the Quad, Chennai)
  • How to manage your menstruation during the lockdown with Rangeen Khidki Foundation
  • Engaging mean and boys into menstrual health management with Project Khel


  • Access to essential Sexual and Reproductive Health products and services during the lockdown with IndiaMeToo
  • Access to essential Sexual and Reproductive Health products and services during the lockdown (In rural areas) with SHEROES
  • Discussing the structural challenges while approaching menstrual health with RESURJ, Mexico

Facebook Live:

  • Menstrual health management with Aahung, Pakistan (Supported by UNFPA, Pakistan)

Tik-Tok videos on periods with Project Khel


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