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The World Health Organization (WHO) Director General’s recent remarks on COVID-19 emphasized that “All countries must strike a fine balance between protecting health, minimizing economic and social disruption, and respecting human rights”.

When health systems are overwhelmed, we need to make difficult decisions to balance the demands of responding directly to COVID-19, while simultaneously engaging in strategic planning and coordinated action to maintain essential health service delivery. The provision of many services will become more challenging. Women’s choices and rights to sexual and reproductive health care, however, should be respected regardless of COVID-19 status.

We, at Hidden-Pockets Collective, ensured that we also are able to respond to this crisis with special focus on sexual and reproductive health.

Thought Publications : 

We ensured that sexual and reproductive health is not missed out while discussing the conversations around response to this. We produced specific articles with response to  COVID-19 crisis.

Menstrual Health Management

Pregnancy and Abortion

Policy focussed demands :

Social Media:

Instagram Live Sessions:

  • With Ungender Legal Advisory on Workplace Sexual Harassment: Is it still valid if you are working from home?
  • With YANSL (Youth Advocacy Network SriLanka) on Men and their support for women’s SRHR during the crisis
  • With Mission Sanscar on Menstrual health & hygiene during the lockdown
  • With The Indian Women Blog on Role of sexual and reproductive health counselor during the lockdown, How are Hidden Pockets helping the young people of our country?
  • With Sheroes on SRHR concerns during the lockdown
  • With Rangeen Khidki Foundation on How to manage your menstruation during the lockdown


  • With SAAF (Safe Abortion Action Fund) on How to ensure access to safe abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • With IndiaMeToo and Sheroes on Access to essential SRH products and Services during the lockdown
  • With Global Concerns India on Domestic violence & shelter homes during the time of COVID-19
  • With The Bachchao Project on Love in the time of lockdown (Digital privacy)
  • With YANSL (Youth Advocacy Network SriLanka) on Women’s right to choose during a crisis
  • With the Body & Data on Women, Queer Individuals and, Privacy during the lockdown
  • With Women Help Women, Safe Abortion WOmens’s Right and Gynuity Health Projects on Telemedicine and self-managed abortion: Is telemedicine the future?

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