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Abortions have not stopped in covid 19 – 2021. They exist.

Whenever there is a natural disaster, we tend to start looking at immediate relief work.

The life and death situation becomes immediate and we often start reacting to requests.

But the sad part of a natural disaster is that our daily bitter truth gets amplified. The marginalised communities, become more marginalised, our failed infrastructures become broken, and our already broken public spirit becomes shattered.

So what is happening in India for abortions.

Women are still struggling alone. It is scary to go out to a clinic. Doctors have reduced their service hours, due to covid. Doctors are doing different covid duties.

It is all over 2020 but 100 times worse this time.

and still women are having a hard time getting abortions.

But abortions are happening. Doctors are helping out, and women are deciding to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

and that is why it is again and again important to say it, abortion is essential service. Educate women that it their legal right and they can get abortion. You don’t need anyone’s permission to get an abortion. You can make a decision.

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