Is criminalisation a bad idea around abortion services?

Whenever there is any conversation around any new law there is a lot of focus on punitive aspects of laws that focus more on criminalisation . The US debates around abortion laws has brought back to focus on criminalisation debate. Even in India, the Indian Penal Code, still penalises women if she has induced miscarriages.Continue reading “Is criminalisation a bad idea around abortion services?”

Abortion: #MyBodyMyRights as long as you aren’t a pregnant woman

The Dangers of the Anti-Abortion Epidemic in the US When The President of the United States Donald Trump himself stated that “There has to be some form of punishment” for pregnant women who terminate their pregnancies it was clear where the legislative agenda was heading. With the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, who is a known pro-life anti-abortionistContinue reading “Abortion: #MyBodyMyRights as long as you aren’t a pregnant woman”