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International Women’s Day: Fund-raising for communities in India (10th to 31st March/22)

We are glad to have your attention!

Did you know in the last 2 years, 17% of secondary school girl students dropped out of school. According to the National Right to Education forum’s policy brief, 10 million girls are at risk of dropping out of Schools?

Thanks a ton for being such a kind follower of our work!

Hidden Pockets Collective, as you may be aware, has been working towards an empowered India in which every young person has access to and information to make informed decisions about their body, sexuality and sexual and reproductive health, and rights. During the Covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters such as floods, we worked closely with underserved communities in rural India.

There is still a significant need to address menstrual health and hygiene issues, as well as the stigma associated with menstruation. If we don’t address it now, research indicates that these numbers will only increase due to the long-term effect of the pandemic and economic crisis created by it.

While we already have reached 5000 girls and women last year and provided information to young people through workshops and product donations, we need your help to achieve our vision of an India that is free of sexual shame.

You can help us educate communities about the importance of good menstrual health practices and provide the necessary education. Your support is key in resolving this issue. Every girl who gets educated on menstruation is one less girl getting dropped out of school.

Would you consider donating (INR 99/ INR 199/ INR 499/ INR 999) to help make this vision a reality? 

Together we will ensure no girls drop out of school.

Your contribution will have an impact on rural and underprivileged communities in India and will be used to educate young people in our country about menstruation, puberty, the importance of good menstrual hygiene practices, and bodily autonomy. You can make an online donation by clicking here.

Privacy Policy and Term and Conditions.

We will get in touch with you once the payment is made. We would need a few information from you so that we can provide you with the 80G certificate.

You will receive your 80G certificate on the registered email ID.  

Contact us at for any further questions.


Team Hidden Pockets Collective 

Note: Currently, this drive is only for people residing in India.

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